Why Work With Us

W. Edward Deming once said, “The knowledge needed to transform a system must come from outside the system.”

Besides the wisdom of Deming, here are several good reasons our clients have told us:

  1. We can help your organization plan and execute major initiatives, programs and projects and make things happen.
  2. We bring real-world, cross-functional matrix management experience in leading difficult change management initiatives.
  3. We bring an outsider’s viewpoint that is objective, impartial and unaffected by the organization’s politics.
  4. We impart knowledge of our processes and skills to your organization based on years of management experience and teaching at Stanford University in the Stanford Center for Professional Development.
  5. We bring a coherent strategy management process model adapted from our Harvard Business School Press book, Executing Your Strategy, and years of leadership experience.
  6. We assess the current reality of your organization’s alignment holistically through the Strategy Execution Framework and therefore come up with the most pertinent issues and questions for your management team to resolve.
  7. We are passionate about what we do and our facilitation skills are first class!

Some Potential Organizational Outcomes as a Result of Better Execution Discipline

  • Organizational Clarity with Effective Outcome-based Strategy Maps
  • Less Risk to the Enterprise, Contraints are Defined and Resolved
  • Better Estimates of Critical Positions in Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Faster Results with Current Resources, More Value Potential Realized
  • Retention of Key Performing Talent, They Become Engaged to a Purpose
  • Organizational Learning is Real via a Continuous Improvement Philosophy
  • Stronger Competitive Advantage because You are Learning Faster
  • A Better “Execution Premium” from Wall Street Analysts
  • Know-how to Change the System through a Systematic Process
  • Collaborative Planning Processes Transforms the Organizational Decision Competence
Since 1991, Strategy2Reality LLC has helped both small and major companies around the world successfully convert their vision and strategic business plans into measurable results. Call us now at 1-650-387-3036 or e-mail info@strategy2reality.com
Why work with us?