Client Feedback for William Malek

Strategic Planning Consulting and Facilitation

Warren Matthews, Chairman and Founder,
“William’s input has been a significant factor in enabling us to go from a small but successful family business to one that now has the potential of being a large successful professional business.  Such is the esteem that we have recently ‘gifted’ him a parcel of shares in the Company.”  See Warren-Letter of Recommendation

Robert Uhler, Chairman and CEO, MWH Global
“Bill worked closely with my $1B+ company for several years helping to articulate and refine our corporate strategy. He worked internally and on a podium with magnificent vision and clarity. Bill is a real pro when it comes to transformational strategy consulting. ”

Michelle Fleury, Senior Manager, Cisco Systems
“Without question William is one of the most effective facilitators of the strategic planning process that I have seen. He successfully led nearly 40 senior leaders through strategy design for one of our most complex, cross-functional initiatives to date. William knows strategic planning extremely well, is capable of leading diverse groups through the process, and has the talent of making it all fun.”

Patrick Heim, Chief Information Security Officer, Kaiser Permanente

“Certain changes happen very slowly unless you introduce a catalyst to accelerate the reaction. William is a human catalyst who can effectively immerse himself in a challenging transformational project and provide an enormous amount of focus, structure, and insight into ensuring that objectives are met. His energy, enthusiasm and insights as a facilitator are infectious and result in a high level of team committment and focus.”

Andrew Field, CEO,
“William Malek helped us develop a team-based production process that is aligned and linked with the PrintingForLess strategy and long-term goals. Without the process engineering and redesign that William facilitated for us, we would probably have stumbled, failed and gone out of business by now. Instead, we now have more customers than any commercial printer in the United States and we are well positioned to grow to 10 or even 100 times our current size. William has made an enormous difference.”

Venkat Narayanan, Senior Manager, Sales Incentive Compensation Excellence (ICE) Program, Cisco Systems
“We were looking for clarity, choice and focus in managing the sales incentives program in Cisco. We got it thanks to William. His visual mapping facilitation techniques converted a room full of skeptics into believers about strategic thinking and effective program planning. We have applied his insights and suggestions to successfully simplify complex, cross-functional business issues relating to sales incentive compensation in Cisco.”

Ed Fischler, Manager, Power Marketing, Georgia Power
“Of particular interest, not only did the work product meet an exceptional standard, but the role played by William in the process of developing the plan was also exceptional. William quickly gained the respect and enthusiastic support of key players both inside the Company as well as outside the Company. He did this by exhibiting good listening skills, high technical standards, exemplary work habits and ethics and exceptional organizational skills. The end product not only benefits those involved in the plan but reflects well on those who worked with him. As I identify additional project needs in the Company, I have every intention of considering him as a candidate to provide assistance to the project teams.”

John Carroll, Vice President, Mission First Financial
“Looking back on the past six months, I am amazed at the progress we have made in starting a new business segment for Mission First Financial. A large amount of the credit for the progress Mission Integrated Energy Services has made is due to William Malek’s efforts in developing a strategic direction, a marketing plan and helping to assemble a professional team. In particular I want to recognize his insight into the development of the sales strategy. That strategy has been vitally important in establishing a project development process.”

Bruce E. Long, Vice President, Prudential Real Estate Investment Group

“Natkin [aka Service Master Energy Management] had a computerized energy consumption tracking system which we used at over 250 properties. William administrated this program. He educated our operating engineers and property managers both on a one-on-one basis and in seminar format. He was very instrumental in selling Prudential and our joint venture partner in our first shared savings endeavor on a major facility in Houston. The project was an outstanding success with payback exceeding expectations.”

Frank Jeffreys, Director, Marketing, Consolidated Natural Gas Company
“William brought to that assignment [as Vice Chairman of American Gas Association’s Natural Gas Vehicle Committee] unusual dedication, creativity, vision and judgment. These are extremely important attributes in any business situation but especially so for an organization relying upon ‘volunteer’ workers. William was especially capable of instilling his vision and his enthusiasm with the diverse members of that committee.

During our term, we undertook a major cross-country tour of natural gas powered vehicles, stopping in some fifteen cities. At each stop, we staged programs with the local media, local utility, and local fleet operators. William’s judgment, personal organization, and political savvy assured that this cross-country rally was highly successful.”

Joe Barra, Director, New Energy Services, PacifiCorp

“In July 1990, PacifiCorp Electric Operations faced the need to quickly expand DSM activity. Initial efforts to develop programs had produced mixed results. The New Commercial and Industrial programs needed to be revised and launched system-wide within a year. William was brought on board as a consultant to assist in the strategic redirection of these programs and to help develop the implementation plans. He proved invaluable to this process. The initial term of his contract was three months. Before we were through, he had spent over two years with PacifiCorp.

William’s experience with other utilities and especially energy service companies allowed him to play a crucial role in creating programs like The Energy FinAnswer, Edison Electric Institute’s 1992 Common Goals Award winner. He was instrumental to our success in both the commercial and industrial markets. His influence extended beyond strategy and program design to program implementation and oversight. He made extensive contributions, plying his sales skills in the field as well as providing essential strategic insight to the general office.

Lastly, I would like to mention William’s work ethic. He holds himself to exceptionally high standards while accomplishing a remarkable amount of work. He is highly intelligent and maintains a very balanced perspective. William is a great team player and his efforts helped raise the performance standards of those around him. We spent a good deal of time working together and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Training and Education

Lynn Wright, Dell Computers, Corporate Information Technology Group
“The trainer was exceptional. I have been a training manager in corporations for over 7 years and William is the best I have seen.”

Dr. Ray Levitt, Academic Director, Stanford University Advanced Project Management

“William is an inspired and inspiring teacher… He radiates energy and enthusiasm for the topic. He has studied the principles of adult learning deeply and uses provocative questions, participant self-surveys, stories, Powerpoint slides and a variety of multi-media with great skill. Because of this, he has “trained the trainers” —both the IPSolutions and Stanford faculty— in SAPM with patience and skill. I have learned a great deal about adult education from this master teacher.”

Maryann Kelly, VP IT Service Delivery North America
“I have had the distinct pleasure of participating in several sessions conducted by William previously and continue to apply his pragmatic application of strategy across industries to anticipate, adapt to and convert volatility into realized opportunity. If you can attend his sessions, you will get an immediate ROI for the time spent which you can leverage for years.”

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