Strategic Leadership Training and Coaching

“One basic problem is that managers know more about strategy formulation than implementation. They are trained to plan, not execute….Added to the lack of training in execution is the fact that strategy and planning in most business schools are taught in silos, by departments or disciplines, and execution suffers further. The view that marketing strategy, financial strategy, HR strategy, and so on, is the only right answer approach is deleterious to the integrative view demanded by execution. The lack of formal attention to strategy execution in the classroom obviously must carry over to the lack of attention and consequent underachievement in the area of execution in the real world.” Excerpted from Making Strategy Work by Professor Lawrence Hrebiniak.

To be effective, leadership training must develop the mindset, capabilities and framework for leaders to enable execution of strategy within the context of their specific organizational environment. S2R’s program for strategic leadership development addresses the missing link present in most organizations that are struggling to consistently plan and implement their strategies and achieve organizational performance objectives.

Custom Course Development

S2R has developed an educational planning process that enables a business leader to define the strategy execution competencies that guide the learning-and-development curriculum for a specific employee and leadership development training program. This approach is based on understanding the current reality of the organization’s strategy, maturity lifecycle and competitve advantage in the market. We design specific leadership course content around contextually relevant work-based learning and action science strategies that have been used in the award-winning curricula delivered in the Stanford University Advanced Project Management program (a program we also highly recommend.)

Training Delivery

“William has studied the principles of adult learning deeply and uses provocative questions, participant self-surveys, stories, PowerPoint slides and a variety of multi-media with great skill. Because of this, he has ‘trained the trainers’ — both the IP Solutions and Stanford faculty — in SAPM with patience and skill. I have learned a great deal about adult education from this master teacher.” Dr. Ray Levitt, Academic Director, Stanford University Advanced Project Management

Executive Coaching

“William Malek helped us develop a team-based production process that is aligned and linked with the PrintingForLess strategy and long-term goals. Without the process engineering and redesign that William facilitated for us, we would probably have stumbled, failed and gone out of business by now. Instead, we now have more customers than any commercial printer in the United States and we are well positioned to grow to 10 or even 100 times our current size. William has made an enormous difference.”  Andrew Field, CEO, 

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