Strategic Planning Facilitator

As a strategic planning facilitator, William Malek employs a practical, proven model through advanced planning facilitation skills and methods to guide executive and/or management teams through the strategic planning process. Our innovative strategic planning approach was developed over 30 years with experience in new product development, major project planning, business process consulting, group facilitation and leadership training. It enables senior leaders to embark on a strategic learning journey that provides:

1. Customized, project-centric orientation

Process – The magic of “strategic” planning facilitation is not necessarily in the workshop itself, but in the entire conversation process from pre-planning through follow-up — much like a project plan. Through project-centric thinking, the process enables planning teams to clearly understand the end-state outcomes with corresponding assumptions as well as manage highly complex issues and the interfaces of the system they must use to execute their plans.

Expertise – We take a consultative approach in working with our clients to develop a detailed and customized facilitation agenda that addresses the specific context and critical organizational issues facing stakeholders. Our role goes beyond a strategic planning facilitator to that of a subject matter expert with knowledge of both the strategy development and, most importantly, the strategy implementation processes. We know how to avoid frustrating and costly pitfalls of poorly managed meetings. We also realize the need for real-time adaptation as new knowledge and insights arise from the wisdom of the group.

2. Integrated organizational systems focus

Mapping – Strategic planning must diagnose the connections between organizational systems and the collective capacity to execute on those plans to have any chance of successful implementation. Our methodology uses a unique visual-displayed systems approach for Strategy mapping, with a process adapted from Dr. Sayan Chatterjee and his book, FailSafe Strategies, combined with a modified Balanced Scorecard approach to derive the leading performance indicators.

Clarity – This formula for strategy development brings transparency through both goal and means clarity and fresh perspectives on the organization’s execution capability constraints that need to be resolved in order to achieve desired business objectives.

3. Transformative problem-solving and opportunity creation

Group focus – Great strategy depends upon the decisions that created it. Our strategic planning facilitation incorporates structured dialogue and action learning to leverage the inherent genius of the entire group for quality decision making and creative problem solving. We understand the challenges of decision making in complex systems and how to move through common dilemmas.

Affirmative approach – S2R incorporates the leading-edge research and approaches of Positive Organizational Scholarship and Appreciative Inquiry to create breakthroughs and turnarounds when solving strategic problems. These affirmative concepts focus on what creates excellence and vitality in an organization, highlighting appreciation, collaboration and fulfillment. Appreciative Inquiry is based on the idea that transformation and growth come from inquiry and dialogue centered on what works and gives health and energy to an organization.

4. Team Effectiveness and Commitment

Conflict management – At the senior leadership level, the work of dealing with critical organizational issues demands a strong facilitator who can manage the ground rules to maintain a coherent conversation when the sparks fly. S2R’s experience in facilitating highly-charged teams ensures the discussion stays productive and sets a neutral environment for resolving interpersonal obstacles to progress.

Improved communication – Certified in the advanced Jungian-based Insights system, S2R uses a detailed personality profile as a team icebreaker as well as a language for improving group decision and communication effectiveness. We incorporate a deep understanding of how individual preferences affect team dynamics. The result is increased group effectiveness, confidence and commitment to explore each one’s giftedness.

5. Documented Plan to Move Forward

Execution planning – A skilled strategic planning facilitator consistently directs the process toward identifying the next steps of executable work. We provide a documented action plan that models all the best practices of strategy execution and solid project management.

Success downstream – Through coaching, strategy-to-action workshops, and consultation, we can help the organization more successfully implement its strategic plan through project portfolio management development, strategy execution leadership training and strategic performance improvement programs.

“Without question William is one of the most effective facilitators of the strategic planning process that I have seen. He successfully led nearly 40 senior leaders through strategy design for one of our most complex, cross-functional initiatives to date. William knows strategic planning extremely well, is capable of leading diverse groups through the process, and has the talent of making it all fun.” Michelle Fleury, Senior Manager, Cisco Systems

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