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Organizational science has never been a fully integrated discipline. Traditionally, organizational research has been conducted from three distinct points of view— the organization, the group, and the individual—even though it is clear that processes occurring across all levels of an organization affect the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations as a whole.

This fragmentation has encouraged the proliferation of separate disciplines, “silo” theories, and non-integrated approaches. Strategy2Reality has discovered how critical it is to consider a multilevel organizational strategy execution performance assessment to diagnosis the health of the key value creating activities that occur within organizations and the prioritized key constraints that must be eliminated or improved to achieve better strategy execution performance.

This approach is based on 30 years of observation and experience as well as interacting with many experts in the field. By examining core planning and strategy execution processes and effects within an organization, S2R bridges the gap between macro and micro approaches with a single unified approach to drive organizational performance.

S2R is able to conduct a rapid organizational performance assessment to determine the current reality of the strategy execution processes. We assess the effectiveness of a total strategy execution platform capability by studying clarity of mission, goals, metrics/KPIs, structure, strategy, culture, project portfolio priorities, roles, responsibilities and communication systems. This baseline assessment is critical to understanding the organizational systems and performance misalignments that must be defined in order for scoping any meaningful business process improvement projects.

This unique type of organizational assessment will help establish the alignment required for specific performance improvement. Ultimately, the assessment leads to recommendations for refining organizational priorities and creates strategies for the implementation of time-sensitive projects to work “on” the business.

Capability Assessment

Strategy Execution Capability Assessment

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