Strategic Planning Resources

This is a short list of Strategic Planning Resources that we have used over the years!

Mind Tools
Provides a volume of “how tos” on many subjects including strategic decision making.

The Ultimate Guide to Business Plans
This is a great resource especially if you are planning with an Ecommerce aspect to your business.

Strategic Planning Systems –
Provides CheckMATE, the industry leader in strategic planning software worldwide. This is easy to use software that is Windows based. Twenty-three different industry versions are available. Also provided on this site is a strategic planning video as well as free links to scores of other good sites for gathering strategic planning information.

Palo Alto Software –
Provides a model of the business planning process with excellent narrative as well as seven sample business plans from actual firms. This is one of the two best sites available for business planning information. The other is the Small Business Administration web site.

enTarga Business Planning –
Provides excellent narrative on their links “Benefits of Strategic Planning,” “Pitfalls of Strategic Planning,” and the “Steps in Doing Strategic Planning.”

Tim Berry’s Business Planning Suggestions –
Provides a step-by-step process to strategic planning. The site offers information on 11 publications related to planning. It also links the user to 19 small business information centers, 5 online stores, 15 small businesses and 3 customers all providing information about strategic planning.

American Management Association –
The AMA provides educational forums worldwide where businesses can learn practical business skills. This web site is comprehensive in providing access to all AMA seminars, videos, and courses worldwide, including strategic planning products. The AMA publishes the Management Review journal.

Academy of Management Online –
This not-for-profit organization is the leading professional association for management research and education in the U.S. Almost 10,000 members from businesses and universities around the world participate. About 2,500 of these members specify Business Policy and Strategy as their primary interest. This site provides a search engine to locate and contact all of these members. Many links and personal web pages are provided. This organization publishes the Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Review, and the Academy of Management Journal.

Future Research and the Strategic Planning Process –
The research paper posted on this site provides excellent discussion on the history of strategic planning, how it has evolved, the importance of strategic planning and how to do strategic planning. The site has diagrams to stress important points. While the intent of the paper is to stress the importance of strategic planning in higher education any organization can benefit from this site, as the strategic planning concept is well defined. –
The quality and quantity of the information provided are outstanding for a small web site. It offers sample business plans as well as the ability to locate any Small Business Association in the country. A live link to experts is available for questions regarding business details and operations. An international guide for small business questions is also available.

Strategic Management Journal –
This is the official web site of the journal. The journal publishes original material concerned with all aspects of strategic management. It is devoted to the improvement and further development of the theory and practice of strategic management and is designed to appeal to both practicing managers and academics. The web site includes instructions for receiving a subscription.

Hill & Jones Strategy Text Student Site –
This is the web site for the Hill & Jones Strategic Management textbook. This web page is created for the students. Users can go through the Case Discussion Questions and use these questions to help guide them in analyzing each case. There are text links for Cases and Chapters. Links to the companies highlighted in the cases and the chapters aid students in researching these companies further. It is a useful web site to learn more about strategic management.

Small Business Administration 
Provides a forty page Business Plan Outline that is outstanding as well as other excellent materials that illustrate strategic planning for a smaller business. Most of the material provided is also relevant for larger businesses.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) -
Provides excellent narrative on NASA’s strategic management process, especially their external assessment activities. Provides NASA’s entire strategic plan with outstanding narrative and illustration about how to do strategic planning. Any firm can obtain great ideas about strategic planning from this web site. One highlight is the strategic management system roadmap.

National Institute of Health:
Provides an internal search engine that queried over 200 documents relating to some form of strategic planning. Good reference site.

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