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Harvard Business book author and Stanford University instructor, William Malek, will energize your audience. The following are just a few representative speaking engagements presented by William, a sought-after speaker who is compelling as well as inspirational. He is available to address large or small groups on a variety of key and timely business issues such as strategy, leadership and transformational change in organizations. The past presentations listed below are just a few examples of topics that he has focused on.

Society for Information Management

Focus of Presentation: Strategic Leadership-How to Avoid Five Deadly Sins

CIOs and enterprise architects often take an analytical and logical approach where a blue print is made to translate the strategic vision into IT solutions. However, this approach does not always succeed. His presentation will focus on systemic organizational issues that can explain the challenges CIOs and architects are facing.

Malek will explore the key pitfalls that derail IT strategy planning and implementation efforts and the guiding principles that are anecdotes for driving the development of organizational clarity and alignment. He will discuss specific failure modes that challenge almost every organization in planning and implementing a portfolio of strategic project work to execute an organization’s strategy or even a major program or project.

SIMposium 2008 Conference Feedback, “Best session of the conference. Can we have more of these next year?”

Academy of Management

Focus of Presentation: Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap

Brilliant thoughts and massive amounts of research do not equate to results for organizations. Quite often, results fall short of expectations and people sense that their performance is significantly below the level of their knowledge.

This workshop explores the fundamental reasons for the disconnection between knowledge and action and supplies readily applicable solutions for immediate deployment with teams.

Based on the research from Robert Sutton and Jeffrey Pfeffer contained in their book The Knowing-Doing Gap, this workshop will teach the key process for generating action through a series of experiential exercises.

The exercises begin with a fast-paced exposure to the power of appreciative inquiry. All organizations have processes and actions that are working at some level. The key is to tap into the working processes, expand what is truly working and build the organizational effectiveness around the energy created by success.

Too many approaches today focus on the negative side of what is happening. Focusing on the negative actually generates more of the negative.

This workshop is a positive leap forward. Attendees will have an opportunity to practice several skills in developing team-based action through a powerful and advanced facilitation process based on action-learning theory. How to avoid the smart talk trap, generate confidence instead of fear, create cooperation, master measurements and overcome the temptation to use memory in place of creative thought are all effectively dealt with.

As a result of this workshop, researchers will understand the key to the conversion of profound knowledge to action, managers will know the key to unlocking the power of their teams, and individuals will understand how to contribute at maximum effectiveness.

Delivering Project Excellence Conference

Focus of Presentation: Project Leadership Guiding Principles

This presentation was designed to help you grow up and grow into the important and complex job you now hold as a manager or leader. Warning to underdeveloped Project Managers: Many an ox will be gored!! It might not be pretty, but it may transform your firm’s project performance.

William Malek will help lead you through this “coming of age” experience. His vision is expressed in the Strategic Execution Framework, which is a ground breaking “mental model” that informs the new Harvard Business School Press book called Executing Your Strategy.

Malek’s vision will raise your awareness as he takes you through the 10 Guiding Principles, where he urges you to concentrate on what works and abandon what doesn’t—what’s Magic, and what’s Madness!

Dick Rutledge, Conference Producer, “You are certainly a gifted speaker, and it was on display at the DPE.”

Association for Strategic Planning

Focus of Presentation: Leading Strategic Execution – Create Alignment!

Strategic Execution is a topic clamoring for the attention of all business professional, and one they can’t afford to ignore. Based on insights gleaned from teaching in the Stanford Advanced Project Management Program, as well as extensive practice in the field, this talk highlights the effect the Strategic Execution Framework, a powerful new organizational alignment model, has had on leadership capability.

During this talk, you will learn what the emergent data on strategic execution shows, why it demands the immediate attention of business professionals, why the execution imperative needs a far greater response by corporate planners, organizational developers and project portfolio managers, and how to use a powerful new model that has proven itself to deliver outstanding results for people, teams and organizations.

You will benefit by gaining a faster and better pattern recognition of strategic execution accelerators. This can be shown by learning to focus your actions on creating alignment and where it can do the most good. By achieving a better ability to discern your best personal strategy, you can determine areas where you can influence strategic outcomes rather than just cope with them.

Korea Industrial Technology Foundation

Focus of Presentation: Innovation

Adapt or die-that’s the stark message of evolutionary biology that applies just as much to modern businesses, as it does to Galapagos finches.

This presentation highlights and discusses the crucial importance of innovation, and choosing the right type of innovation for your company’s business model.

Two recent books provide the context for this discussion: Geoffrey Moore’s Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of the Evolution (http://www.dealingwithdarwin.com) and W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean.

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