Strategy Planning and Alignment Workshops

We have developed a series of 12 planning workshops to build/improve strategy formulation and strategy execution capabilities that reduce or eliminate the systemic problems and organizational constraints. For many years we have experienced that organizational clarity precedes organizational alignment. This clarity is a byproduct of using a common framework and defining a clear and compelling strategy that includes the means to achieving the intended outcomes.

In order to move towards an agile enterprise, it is critical to develop a process of continuous performance improvement around achieving more clarity about the organizational goals and objectives at every level and the means to achieve them via a strategy.

These following workshops can be delivered in one- to three-day footprints and customized to meet specific outcomes for organizational renewal, strategic planning, major programs, transformational projects, performance management or strategy execution effectiveness. These planning workshops can be applied to any major initiative, program, project or strategic business unit plan. The custom designed facilitation agenda scales up or down depending on the context and the present lifecycle of the organization or business unit.

  1. Mission-Values-Brand
  2. Organizational Goals and Customer Outcomes
  3. Current Reality Definition
  4. Optimizing Your Business Model, Define Strategic Objectives, Key Business Drivers and Critical Success Factors
  5. Organizational Constraints and Barriers
  6. What is Your Strategy? (to Close the Gap)
  7. Strategy Execution Constraints and Risk Assessment
  8. Matrix Management Governance
  9. Project Portfolio Accountability
  10. Project and Process Performance Management to KPIs
  11. Portfolio Resource Allocation
  12. Strategic Change and Strategic Management Process

Strategy Planning and Alignment workshops ensure that any plan gets done effectively through clear goals and an executable path forward. These expert facilitated workshops enable effective organizational performance management processes!

“We were looking for clarity, choice and focus in managing the sales incentives program in Cisco. We got it thanks to William. His visual mapping facilitation techniques converted a room full of skeptics into believers about strategic thinking and effective program planning. We have applied his insights and suggestions to successfully simplify complex, cross-functional business issues relating to sales incentive compensation in Cisco.”  Venkat Narayanan, Senior Manager, Sales Incentive Compensation Excellence (ICE) Program, Cisco Systems

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