Strategy Execution Planning and Facilitation

Strategy Execution Planning

S2R is able to help senior managers and executives plan and design the strategy execution process for any strategic plan, major program or initiative using advanced facilitation and group planning skills. We use an innovative process adapted from Dr. Sayan Chatterjee and his book FailSafe Strategies, as well as a unique enterprise performance management approach to define strategic metrics and KPIs for managers. This approach to strategy development assures a higher probability of executing the plan because it incorporates a clear understanding of the organization’s fundamental capability constraints that need to be resolved in order to achieve the desired business objectives. Strategy planning, as a profession, must adopt an integrated systems planning perspective based on the executability of those plans if it is ever to gain credibility with those managers and employees who must implement the organizational strategy.

Our strategy execution planning discovery process also helps businesses and organizations identify potential projects, introduce new practices, plan strategies for resource allocation, define and recommend decision governance, design enterprise-wide, matrix-management-based operations, and facilitate collaborative management team development.

Integrated Execution Planning (IEP)

Strategy2Reality International’s IEP Planning Workshops are highly interactive group planning sessions that bring together all of your cross-functional team mem­bers. Each workshop is geared to produce what you need, as a manager, to plan and execute a project right now—whether it is a high-level plan for an entire complex initiative or a detailed plan for the next phase of a critical project. Each workshop produces real results in record time.

In just a few short days, with expert facili­tation from William Malek, participants emerge with a firm, agreed-upon, executable plan that might otherwise have taken months to develop—or never come about at all. In the process we work together to build a thorough, shared understanding of objectives, criteria, roles and change responsibilities, major deliverables, estimated schedule for deliverables, risk, issues and contingencies. The project team is prepared to move forward with a sense of clarity and collaboration—aligned on a common pur­pose and motivated by the actual results they’ve produced.

All IEP Workshops utilize time-tested templates, processes and practical project planning practices that are PMI compliant.  And, all workshops are expressly tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring the most efficient use of your participants’ time and energy.  The workshop planning process, templates, and skills can be transferred to your staff through a train-the-trainer process and coaching to master the skill.

Leading a Positive Organization

S2R incorporates the leading-edge research and approaches of Positive Organizational Scholarship and Appreciative Inquiry to create breakthroughs and turnarounds. Positive Organizational Scholarship, a major research focus at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, is an affirmative approach that focuses on what creates excellence and vitality in an organization, highlighting appreciation, collaboration and fulfillment. Similarly, Appreciative Inquiry is based on the idea that transformation and growth come from inquiry and dialogue centered on what works and what gives health and energy to an organization as opposed to what is broken. Appreciative Inquiry emphasizes appreciation and the affirmation of strengths, successes and dreams. It recognizes that individuals, groups, organizations and communities will grow in positive ways when they focus on what is best about them.

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